About the Event


The ‘Beyond Books’ Panel Discussion brings together an impressive line-up of alumni panelists who have all applied their biology degrees in various entrepreneurial ventures. These range from research, teaching, and applied science. Bringing together graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, postdoc fellows and professors in biology, the event promotes the recently established Biology Undergraduate-Graduate Student Mentorship Initiative, now also partnering graduate students with alumni mentors.

2018 Edition: March 7, 2018 6-10PM

2017 Edition: https://beyondbooks2017.wordpress.com/

2016 Edition: https://beyondbooks2016.wordpress.com/

About the Organizers

Organizing Committee:

Arun Dayanandan (Co-Chair)
Charles-Alexandre Plaisir (Co-Chair)
Jamie Allan
Ebony Demers
Maria C. Gentile
Dilan Jaunky
Danielle Mac Rae

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Selvadurai Dayanandan


Master of Ceremonies: Paola Samuel, Global Montreal

Opening Remarks:
Arun Dayanandan, Co-Chair of the ‘Beyond Books’ organizing committee
Charles-Alexandre Plaisir, Co-Chair of the ‘Beyond Books’ Organizing Committee
Dr. Selvadurai Dayanandan, Chair, Biology Department

Keynote address:
Ms. Penelope Karavelas, Lawyer at Aide Juridique de Montreal/Laval Droit de la Sante

Daniel Powell, Senior Caseworker for Innomar Strategies Inc
Dr. Christopher Gregg, Biology Department Coordinator at Vanier CEGEP
Kia Marin, Biologist, Golder Associés Ltée
Robert Carson, Teaching and Instrumentation Laboratory Technician, Concordia University
Dr. Emidio DeCarolis, Partner and chief operating officer at Vitesse Transport Corporation

Financial support:
Community Building Fund, School of Graduate Studies
Biology Department
Biology Graduate Student Association
Biology Student Association

Photography & Videographer Services: Jean Beaudin

Dr. Peter Ulycznyj, Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics
Mark Penny, IITS, Concordia

The Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) of Concordia University strives to promote graduate student cohesion within the faculty by bridging the cell, molecular, and ecology student sectors of the department.  Monthly events are held for graduate students to mingle and network, and as of 2016 the BGSA has been working together with the undergraduate Biology Student Association (BSA) to create a graduate to undergraduate mentorship program and to hold more diverse events such as the Mentorship Meet and Greet Trivia Night and the Beyond Books: Alumni Panel Discussion Event. The BGSA has also created unique biology graduate apparel (with designs made by students within the department) and is also in charge of the hospitality side of weekly biology department-wide seminars.

The Concordia Biology Student Association (BSA)’s primary goal is to improve biology undergraduate student experience through hosting social events, intellectual and interactive academic events, and by connecting students with one another. Getting involved with the BSA offers biology students the opportunity to get involved within their school community, and give back to their peers and enrich their overall university experience. It is a great way to meet like minded individuals, manage and execute events, and enhance time management skills.


The Biology Mentorship Program is a joint initiative between the Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) and the undergraduate Biology Student Association (BSA). Navigating what’s required in terms of lab research experience, exploring funding opportunities, and preparing applications can be confusing when you are applying to graduate school. This mentorship program partners up biology graduate and undergraduate students according to their research interests, allowing undergraduates to be able to ask any questions they may have about continuing their academic career beyond undergraduate studies, the best ways to go about this, and what kind of things to expect. Through the Biology Mentorship Program, you can find out what grad school is all about!